Massage-Turkish Bath

Last Modified Date: 1/28/2020

Massage-Turkish Bath

Last Modified Date: 1/28/2020
Turkish Baths, which are one of the indispensable elements of Turkish culture in Alanya, have many and various features.

Turkish baths are unique places for rest, relaxation, cleansing and sweating of toxins accumulated in the body. Facilities and services offered in many Turkish Baths in Alanya are indicated.

Sauna is the name given to high temperature rooms that provide balancing of water and toxins in the body through sweating, opening pores, cleaning. It has a high heat source and is covered with wood. The board absorbs the vapor and protects the moisture, it is also a bad conductor that prevents the body from burning.
Regularly entering the sauna allows the pores to be opened by perspiration and the skin is purified from dead cells to achieve an extremely smooth and vivid appearance. The sauna accelerates the circulation system, regulates and in particular increases the protein of the blood to provide oxygen to the cells more intense. The relaxing and relaxing effect of the sauna has a positive effect on the nervous system by eliminating the problems such as fatigue and stress.
Increasing antibody production in the sauna strengthens the immune system and makes us highly resistant to external factors. Meanwhile, the sauna has a regulatory effect on the airways. After exercising, entering the sauna allows the sweating of the lactic acid that causes muscle pain.
How to use the sauna:
  • Swimwear, tshirt, bikini and so on. not fully bare and with no towels or loincloth.
    You should be dry when entering the sauna. Before the sauna, you need to meet your liquid needs.
    Enter the sauna and stay in 15-minute sessions. After exiting, enter cold shower or shock pool (shower should be preferred for hygiene). The need for liquid that is dried and lost is met with water. Rest in an airy area. The above process can be repeated 3 times in a row.

How to use:

  • Sauna is not a hair dryer for your whole body. The sauna is not wet.
    The sauna is not the dryer you left to dry your belongings.
    No metal items (watches, necklaces, earrings, rings, clasps, etc.), plastic items (slippers, hats, etc.) and clothing (including long shorts, etc.) are allowed in the sauna.
    Pouring water on sauna stones is not a ritual or tradition, it is a method used in some kind of saunas for extra heat. Do not pour water on the sauna stones, as the heat is already sufficient for you. If the sauna is a shared area and there are others inside when you enter, be sure to ask for permission to pour water.

Steam room, can provide different benefits to everyone. Everyone agrees that it has a healing effect on body and mental health. The steam bath has similar benefits to the Finnish sauna, but the climatic conditions are different. It has very beneficial effects with its high humidity (over 100%) and low temperature (around 45 degrees). With good rest, the steam bath develops a special therapy for non-persistent medical conditions. In addition, its cosmetic benefits have been proven.
Leaves skin smooth, soft & healthy At the upper level of the skin layer, the temperature is 10 degrees higher than normal. At the same time, the temperature below the skin layer rises 1 degree more than normal. This increases the production of antibodies against the diseases in the body.
As blood vessels expand, blood flow is accelerated. Our organism tries to keep the body temperature constant by cooling the skin and gives an intense sweating reaction. The skin revives by clearing the dead cells. It has a soft, smooth surface. A steam room session in the evening is deep so that you can relieve all the tiredness of the stressful day. will help you fall asleep.

Heating stone It is a large and geometrical marble structure, usually located in the middle of the bath. At the bottom of the core stone, there are channels where the effective flame and fumes of the firewood burning in the hearth pass, so the core stone is very hot.

Massage It has many beneficial effects on the health of the person being massaged. It regulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, helps digestion and activates the lymph system, accelerating the discharge of waste materials. Combined with the effects of feeling attention and compassion, they provide an extraordinary improvement that is incomparable to today's medicines.

Bladdering It is possible to eliminate the damage caused by the sun to the skin by bladdering. The first thing to do for healthy skin is to remove dead cells from the thickened skin surface. Dead cells are cleaned by the pouch process to ensure that the skin reaches a healthy fineness. Peeling is also a kind of peeling effect. The bath pouch provides a healthy thinning of the skin. It is also important to deeply moisturize the healthy thin skin after this procedure. However, it is important to remember that the needs of different skin types are different when moisturizing.

Foam Massage After a very relaxing massage with Foam Massage, you are washed gently to cleanse and cleanse the massage oils.

You can reach out to the terraces in the dressing areas and continue your bathing pleasure after washing, in these parts it is usually possible to drink your tea, coffee, soda or soda.

Although not in every hammam, some baths also have a swimming and relaxation pool.Alanya Hamam