Virtual tour is the most effective and efficient way of publicizing your indoor and outdoor spaces.
It gives your visitors the feeling of being in the area toured. Makes them able to walk 360 degrees.
It allows your visitors to navigate through the uninterrupted transitions between the virtual tour areas.
The depth that a simple photograph cannot give is present in the spherical photographs prepared. It is possible to navigate within the space in the form of three-dimensional drag-and-click with your mouse. Transitions can be made by clicking the direction signs we have placed between the desired areas.
With 360-degree panoramic images, you can open your spaces by giving your audience the feeling that they are there, and you can visually share the reasons for choosing them.
Your virtual tour can be enriched with your company logo, texts, information notes or pictures related to the relevant area or goods that can be placed in the virtual trips we have prepared. The virtual tour prepared in this way can be presented as content like a web page.
Panorama promotional method can be used to promote a wide range of business areas such as hotels, private schools, private hospitals, real estate, restaurants, meeting and entertainment areas.

Have you ever seen Alanya in this way and see with this eye.